Posted by: Don Bemis | August 10, 2010

Dead Aggies Don’t Drive Trains

If you’re expecting updates on the great train ride, you’re going to be disappointed for at least a while. That had been the plan. However, I had a dream with a train in it, and now I’m writing another book. By the title, you may wonder if it’s going to be a whodunit. Yes. Lois said I ought to do a whodunit, but it isn’t dun yet.  I had the beginning pretty well along before figuring out whodunit, what they dun, and how they dunit.  Now that’s mostly out of the way, and the ending is tying up pretty nicely, but there’s still a big fat hole in the middle.  I’m shoveling in words as fast as I can.

When I start a story, it’s hard to set aside.  It’s off limits at work, and there’s plenty there to keep my mind away from it, but home is another matter.  Lois can tell when my brain is in writing mode.  I sort of zone out and lose track of time.  I’ve read the front part of the story to her (and she says she likes it), but she doesn’t want to know whodunit in advance.  The reading will have to stop for awhile.  She usually has whodunits figured out before I do.  Not this time.  I’m hoping she won’t get this one too quickly, but that’s probably a hopeless wish.

Now’s your chance to vote on covers.  There is no guarantee that the majority will rule (assuming the thing gets published).  Just a few hints:  there are trains, it’s set in New Mexico, and as in most whodunits, somebody dun died.

The photographically enhanced vulture is from New Mexico.  The nice wild doggie howls with a Canadian accent.


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