Posted by: Don Bemis | December 4, 2010

The Bear Facts

Lois and I are visiting Marco Island, Florida, where I have several days of meetings.  I’ve been here several times but haven’t been out of town unless you count trips to and from the airport.  Lois hasn’t been here before.

This afternoon we drove east on US 41, which runs south of I-75, and stopped off at a boardwalk at Cypress Bend.  The path started on the west side of a stream/pond/wet place.  Something large was crunching through the brush on the east side.  Something bear sized, and bear shaped.

The boardwalk crossed the wet place.  The bear crossed the boardwalk, thirty feet behind us, and kept going north.

We also saw a couple of alligators, in addition to lots of birds.  A cormorant was beating a six-inch fish senseless on top of a log.  Braining it, sedating it, or tenderizing it, I guess, after which it swallowed it.  An ibis found itself a nice, tasty snake.   A Cooper’s hawk was dining on something rarer than rare up in the fork of a tree.

Ah, Nature!  So peaceful.


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