Posted by: Don Bemis | December 11, 2010

Not much new news

Bloggers are supposed to keep posting fresh information so people will keep checking in.  It’s tough when not much is going on.  We returned from cold Florida to colder Michigan just before midnight Thursday.  Continental Airlines thinks Houston is in between.  It’s not.  The highlight of our return trip was watching a power line burn out next to the Marco Island highway in a blinding bronze-colored flash.  Another phase (there are three) went a few seconds later.  Now what’s so exciting about that that anybody will want to read about it?

I suppose I could tell my faithful readers (if there were any) that Underfoot the Cat sneezed all over me while I wrote the last paragraph, so it must have been worth sneezing at after all.

Mary in Transit might actually turn a profit.  That’s news, considering its two predecessors.

Remember, you read it here first.



  1. If it makes a profit, I think you should follow it up with another one like it. Hint, hint.


    • Probably, but I need to get this whodunit out of my system.


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