Posted by: Don Bemis | February 1, 2011

Paul Revere, Weatherman

The blizzard is coming! The blizzard is coming!

It’s been a long time since we’ve had a full-blown blizzard, so the news and weather people are pulling out all the stops. They’ve been wrong more often than right this year.  I’ve done my part to keep the storms away by investing in a snow blower for the first time ever.  I considered blowing out the driveway yesterday so that job would be done before the storm hit, but I didn’t get around to it.

Just in case, though, I get to spend tonight at the nuclear plant. I’m what they call an “essential person” in the emergency response organization one week out of four and have to stay sober (no problem) and within 30 minutes of the plant (a pain). The pain is a potential problem if the roads all blow shut. Rather than try to round us up in time if a problem develops, we 30-minute people will already be there.

If the weatherpeople are right for a change, maybe I’ll be stuck there tomorrow, too.  Nonessential people won’t be.

It must be nice to be useless.


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