Posted by: Don Bemis | February 25, 2011

Round One and a Half

I spent three nights this week reading Dead Aggies Don’t Drive Trains to Lois.  She got a lot of knitting done, and I nearly lost my voice.  Last night was repair time for problems we found.  I also tried out a new little chunk I had been mulling over, but it didn’t work well.  Out it came.

The story was at least a partial success for two reasons.  First, she liked the story.  Second, she didn’t figure out whodunit.  That could be taken a couple of ways, though.  Maybe I covered my tracks decently, or maybe I just did a really bad job of setting it up.

Now we have 257 double-spaced pages for her to read, or at least start reading.  It may take a while because spring training began today.  Lois can’t read and listen to baseball simultaneously, and I have no illusions as to my position in that pecking order.  Lois has already served notice that the first chapter was confusing.  I’d better practice my grumping for when she dumps the marked up manuscript in my lap.

Maybe if I bribe her with a Cubs or Tigers ticket…

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