Posted by: Don Bemis | May 6, 2011

A Fairy Tail, Dreamed Up on a Train

This is for the children sitting in front of me on the Amtrak Southwest Chief, who wanted to see me write a story.  Emily thought I should write a fairy tale or a fantasy story.

A Fairy Tail, Dreamed Up on a Train

By Don Bemis, for Emily, Brian, and Cindy

(I hope I spelled your names right.)

Once upon a time, there was a fairy with a long, long tail.  That was because she was a monkey fairy, named Prunella.  It wasn’t really a very good name for the fairy, because Prunella didn’t like prunes.  If her name had been Banananella, she would have been a lot happier, but it wasn’t.  The evil wizard Gorillagus had magically turned all of Prunella’s bananas into prunes, and then he laughed.  He was that way.

Prunella really wasn’t a very good fairy.  She had no real fairy type skills that she knew about.  She could do simple things like turn buttercups into butter, and she could make ice cream melt, but that was about it.

You see, Prunella had dropped out of fairy school.  She spent so much time staring out the window dreaming about casting beautiful fairy spells that she missed the entire class on fairy spells.  So she flunked.  A failure as a fairy, that was what she was.

Prunella stumped unhappily down the road.  Her tail, which should have been twirling happily above her head like a helicopter, dragged in the dust behind her.  Her wings, which ought to flap and sparkle in the sunlight, slumped from her shoulders.  And her face, which should be the prettiest green monkey face around, scowled.  Prunella was feeling sorry for herself.

Suddenly there was a flash of light in the road.  A brilliant blue baboon with crimson wings burst into view.  He stared straight at Prunella, and she stared right back.

“Who-who are you?” she stammered.

“I am Prince More than Charming!” he boomed in a musical monkey voice.  “And who are you, looking like something the cat might have dragged in?”

“WELL!” exclaimed Prunella.  “I have never been so insulted in my life!”

He frowned.  “If you looked like a proper fairy, smiling and flitting about with your tail twirling like a helicopter over your head, you would be beautiful.  But no, you look like something that dropped out of fairy school.”

“I am,” she said in a tiny voice.

“So drop back in,” he suggested.  “Then you will be beautiful and cast beautiful spells.  The evil Gorillagus will not be able to trick you anymore, and we can live happily ever after.  We will eat bananas until we nearly pop.”

So she did, and they did, and I ran out of story.

The End


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