Posted by: Don Bemis | October 31, 2011

To the Printer, I Hope

My goal is to get “Dead Aggies Don’t Drive Trains” to the printer on Friday. We’ll see.

The book has changed some since I posted an excerpt a while back. Books don’t really gel until they’re printed. Lois has bled red pencil (actually a pink marker) in the manuscript from end to end, pointing out where things could be clearer, where I beat a favorite word to death, and so on.  She is very good at that.

This is my first crack at self-publishing.  There’s not much opportunity for unknown authors to get other people to pay to publish their work.  I did not have to pay to get the last three printed, but this one is a different animal.  The others were published by a Christian print-on-demand publisher, at their expense, but it would be a stretch to expect them to publish this one.  It isn’t anti-Christian, but it doesn’t quite go where Christian literature generally goes.  People die (they do that in whodunits), and not even the good guys are quite on the up-and-up.  The writing style hopefully is close to old novels where the plot had to carry the story, before authors discovered four-letter words, graphic sex, and explicit gore.  Think a radio play, not television.

“Self-publishing” in this case means more than paying somebody to beat a manuscript into a book.  I write the story, format it, get ISBN numbers, etc., and take it to the local printer.  He has done books before.  If he has good suggestions, I’ll probably take them.  The cover pictures are mine, too, by the way.

I also expect to market in electronic format.  We’ll see how that goes, too.  The software so far has not been fully cooperative.

Speaking of Christian books, I entered “Mary in Transit” in a Christian literary competition.  It didn’t win.  On a scale of 10 (as rotten as possible) to 100 (perfect), the five reviewers ranked it 98, 96, 95, and 38 twice.  I think that means it was well written but offensive to some.


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