Posted by: Don Bemis | August 26, 2012

We value your opinion, if it’s ours.

Politicians and pollsters are exempt from “do not call” laws.  I got nine calls from an 866 number, in clusters of three, an hour apart, on three separate days.  Every time but one, the call disconnected before I answered.  I called back to complain, but all I got was a recorded message saying they were sorry I had not been available to participate in a survey.  On the last call, a real person came on the line and asked if I would be interested in participating in a short automated survey.  You may have an idea of my response (hint:  It included the phrase, “Don’t ever call me again!”).

I’m sure it was a political survey.  I’m also sure that if they called the same phone nine times, it wasn’t random.  I’m pretty sure I know which party would call to ask my opinion.  I’m equally sure that both major parties do it, as do any others that can afford to.

How can politicians sleep soundly if they employ a tactic only half a step from a scam?  Maybe the same way we believe polls and lopsided studies that support our favorite causes.  “Everybody else is doing it,” is a lousy standard for deciding right from wrong.  Anybody who has ever raised children should know that.

We must be sheep.  No, make that lemmings.  We’ll all run into the sea together.


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