Posted by: Don Bemis | December 14, 2012

So how’s the book?

Given my druthers, I prefer being published to self-publication. Three of my books are published by OakTara.  They do nice work, and with a lot less effort on my part.

The fourth book is different, aimed at a somewhat different market.  As a result, I resorted to self-publication.  It has been an experiment and an adventure.  Two Dead Aggies e-books and two print versions have been released.  One paperback is from Amazon’s CreateSpace, and one from a local print shop (Baars Printing, if you’re curious).  I wanted to compare the options.  Here’s the score, for you folks thinking about self-publication:

Availability: CreateSpace is on Internet book sites.  Anybody wanting the Baars version has to contact the author.

Price:  Nominally the same, but it depends on the source.  Barnes & Noble has it discounted.  Kindle and Nook e-books are even cheaper, but you won’t get the coyote picture on the back cover.

Profitability:  Not yet; maybe never.  Oh, you want to know which version should be more profitable (or less lossable)?  CreateSpace.

Finish quality:  Baars.  If George doesn’t like the way a printing run looks, he turns off the machine and fixes the problem.

Sales:  A few people have bought the Baars version from me.  As far as I can tell, the Amazon and B&N versions haven’t sold at all.  Don’t count on a book selling just because it’s out there.  Customers have millions of choices.  If you want to sell books, you have to push books.

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