Posted by: Don Bemis | October 17, 2013

New book coming

POSSUM THE AWESOME, my first book for children, will be released about the first of November.

I have some experience releasing possums.  When our children were young, we rehabilitated wild animals for a nature center.  Believe it or not, some people will pull over for a freshly killed possum.  If there are babies in the pouch, off they go to the Nature Center.  We would get a phone call, bottle feed the babies for a few weeks, and release them as soon as they could forage for their own food.

A grown possum is not a good pet.  It doesn’t really care for you or anybody else, not even other possums.  It clicks, hisses, and snarls.  If the cage comes open, the possum takes off.  It’ll eat pretty much anything, live or dead, that doesn’t get out of the way.  It has no interest in being housebroken.  Therefore it stinks.  It has more teeth (fifty) than any other mammal.  Marsupials are mammals, but weird ones.

That brings us to Possum, the Awesome.  Nobody likes him.  Then one day, while headed for a quiet place where he can feel sorry for himself, he becomes a superhero.  He blunders from adventure to adventure while looking for something to eat.

Children’s books used to be long on text and short on pictures.  That pretty much describes POSSUM THE AWESOME.  If books are interesting enough for children to want to read them, the children will learn to read.  Ditto for children’s books that are interesting enough for grownups to read aloud without a grimace.

Third graders theoretically can read this book themselves.  Younger urchins can hornswoggle some grownup to read it to them.

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