Posted by: Don Bemis | March 11, 2014

Bang! Thud! Oh, my!

I like mystery novels.  I like some suspense novels.  I even wrote one.

G.K. Chesterton.  Rex Stout.  Tony Hillerman.  Edgar Allen Poe.  H.R.F. Keating (sometimes).

Agatha Christie.  Dorothy Sayers.  Helen MacInnes.  Ngaio Marsh.  Elizabeth Peters.  Ellis Peters.  Lillian Jackson Braun.

More than half of my favorite mystery/suspense authors are female.  They write differently, more cerebrally.  Irony is big.  That having been said, my favorite male authors also tend to be more subtle than my less favorite mystery/suspense authors.

Here is a gross stylistic comparison:


Bang!  Thud!


Oh!  Something thudded!


He raced into the room.


She stared.


He crashed to the ground.


She shut the door.

I’m guilty, too.  32 people died, 31 from unnatural deaths, in Dead Aggies Don’t Drive Trains.  Thirty of the unnaturally deceased were male.  The one natural death was on Page 1.

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