Posted by: Don Bemis | May 10, 2015

Construction Zone: No Meowing

Lois thinks I spoil the cats.

We’re having some remodeling done, and it involves removal of the enclosed porch.  Earl and Underfoot are indoor cats (Underfoot not by choice), so it’s as close to outside as they can get.  They would soak up the sun, watch birds, and go nose to nose with possums through the windows.

It’s gone now.  The contractors boarded over the door and windows.  Underfoot would prowl around the door, waiting for me to open it.  Finally I did.  I have never seen such a confused, disappointed cat as the one faced with brand new chipboard.

Underfoot came by his name honestly.  He loves everybody, including the contracting crew.  So what else could I do but give him his very own Lexan-glazed sidewalk superintendent window?


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