Posted by: Don Bemis | August 6, 2016

My political diatribe (the last, I hope)

Dr. James Dobson is a respected Christian child psychologist.  I am a Christian who usually (but not always) votes Republican.  I don’t feel compelled to vote for Donald Trump, even if Dr. Dobson and a host of others endorse him.

Christianity, Islam, atheism, and all other religions are afforded equal protection under our Constitution – on paper.  The reality is that liberties Christians have enjoyed are being taken away.  The erosion has accelerated over the last several years, but Republicans are not immune to the same temptations as Democrats.  Mr. Trump proposes to deny entry and religious protections to Muslims.  Christians can expect the same treatment as soon as our concerns irritate him.

A Democratic Presidency can only continue past practices if Congress allows it.  If Republican Senatorial and House candidates can demonstrate integrity to oppose their party’s choice for President, they may yet hold Congress.  They were not chosen by the Republican Convention.  If Clinton wins the election, a Republican Congress could continue to restrain Presidential excesses to some degree.  If Trump wins, he will see to it that opposition in his own party is removed, as shown by his stance on Ryan, Kasich, and McCain.  There will be no stopping him.  Ditto for the Democrats, if they take both the Presidency and Congress.

Adolf Hitler ran on a platform of morality, “making Germany great again”, xenophobia, and fear.  Does this sound familiar?  Although some Christians supported him, Christianity was repressed shortly after he was elected.  There still were some churches, but they were forced to support the government.  Dissidents were removed, jailed, or worse.  To this day, the story of Christian resistance is papered over by memories of the acquiescent “churches” that Hitler ruled.

If there still are free elections in the United States in 2020, a disastrous experience with the Trump administration could backfire not only on conservatism and the Republican Party, but Christianity.  France, maybe the most secular nation in Europe, is an example.  The Catholic Church and the Monarchy were so intertwined that the French Revolution swept one away with the other.  (Mexican church-state relations are not much different from France, for the same reasons.) 

Political parties are not Constitutional entities.  The dismal choices that both major parties made this year cry out for reform in the selection of candidates.  Be sure, though, that leaders of both parties will fight for the status quo.

Finally, Christians, remember who we are.  We are ruled by the Triune, Eternal God of the Universe, regardless of whom is President at any given time.  The Bible says nothing about “Conservative values” or “Progressive values”.  The early Church flourished in the face of gross sin and murderous hostility.  Even if the Church were outlawed tomorrow and we were threatened with extermination, the Lord still would prevail.  He has promised.


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