Posted by: Don Bemis | May 16, 2018

A Hawaiian Primer

This is Dirk.

This is June.

This is Sport.

This is Fluff.

This is Halema’uma’u.

See the sun.

It is day.

Wake up, Dirk.

Yawn, yawn.

What is that smell?

It is bad.

It must be Sport.

Bad Sport!

Bad, bad, bad!

No, Dirk. It is not Sport.

Sorry, Sport.

Bad Fluff!

No, Dirk. It is not Fluff.

It is not?  Who is it, June?

See the yard.

Look and see.

We will go out.

We will look and see.

No, Dirk.  We may not go out.

Why not, June?

Why may we not go to the yard?

Mother says we may not go out.

Father says we may not go out.

But we must, Mother and Father.

It is time for Sport to go out.

Mother says Sport may not go out.

There is a crack. Sport may fall into it.

The crack smells bad.

It smells worse than Sport.

What is that smell, Father?

It is Sulphur Dioxide Vapor, Dirk and June.

What is that, Father?


I can say S. I can write O. I can count to 2.

Mother says we will go for a ride.

I like rides.

We will take Sport.  We will take Fluff.

Yes, Dirk.  Yes, we will.

We will take many things.

It will be a long trip.

How long will it be?

I do not know.

Look!  See!  See the yard!

It is red.

Red, red, red.

What is that?

That is lava.

Run, lava, run.

We must go now.

Where will we go?

Will we go to Halema’uma’u?

I like Halema’uma’u.

No, we will not go to Halema’uma’u.

It may erupt.

Erupt, erupt, erupt.

Bad Halema’uma’u!


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