Train Ride

Sunrise 2009

Amtrak Southwest Chief, New Year's Day 2009, Western Kansas

We like trains.  I took the photo last year during a trip to New Mexico.  This year we’re going north instead. 

The trip will be about 6,000 miles, starting and ending ten miles from home.  No airports, and the seats are bigger.  Legroom is not an issue.  Luggage goes free.  Real meals, not pretzels, are included in the sleeper price.  There will be turbulence where the tracks are lumpy, but that’s okay when you know you’re on the ground.  Another advantage of a rail cruise is that trains seldom sink.

I checked Canadian roaming rates.  Our cell phones are going off as soon as we cross the border.  Skype it will be.

I intend to post when possible, but neither Amtrak nor VIA has on-board wireless on these routes. 


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