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Don Bemis was born, educated, and married in New Mexico.  In 1979, he and his wife Lois moved themselves, two children, and a pair of cats to Michigan.  Since that time, they have added three children and hosted several generations of cats.  The kids grew up, moved away, and began to multiply.  Cats, for all their independent reputation, hang around.  They are not allowed to multiply, as there are plenty of foster cats in this world.
Don works in engineering and plays in music, woodworking, and writing.  He preaches on occasion (usually in the county jail, but not as a resident), and has served on the South Haven City Council.
His debut novel, Heavens to Louie, began as a dream that became a short story.  Count Otto’s Dragon originated as a deliberately wretched opening sentence for submittal to the Bulwer-Lytton competition for deliberately wretched opening sentences, but it was never submitted and has since been made less wretched.  Both times, Lois said, “Now turn it into a book.” 
Don is occasionally teachable.  He started his third book before Lois could tell him to.  Mary in Transit was released just before Christmas 2010.
So he had done a contemporary novel, a medieval farce, and a historical novel.  What next?  Well, he likes mysteries, trains, and the Southwest.  Dead Aggies Don’t Drive Trains, his first crack at self-publishing, was released late in 2011.
He also writes short stories and commentaries on Bible themes.  He may eventually write a sequel to Heavens to Louie if he can cook up enough silliness, but Dead Aggies beat it to the punch in the short run.  Stay tuned.


  1. It is good to get more connected; How can I access the blog? Please forgive me for my ignorance regarding blogs!


    • I am new to them too. in your web browser will take you there. I understand that subscribing will alert you to new posts, but I also understand that you will receive invitation and confirmation e-mails as part of the subscription process. This probably is intended to ensure that only people who want to subscribe will be subscribed. After your first comment is accepted (as this one was), your later comments will go straight to the page, I think. The reason for this is to give a bit of protection against unwelcome participants.
      It should not be too difficult after the first time. I have followed daughter Sharon’s blog for several years, and I have occasionally commented on it.


      • Oops! You will note that I edited my earlier reply. I had written but meant The first one is daughter Sharon, who isn’t even a Bemis any more. Now she’s a Phelps.


  2. Just finished Billiard Star!
    I highly recommend this book. Don is a delightfull author to read. I intend to read more of his works. This story is well written, very engaging and left me wanting more.
    Bravo Don Bemis!


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