Mary in Transit

What was Mary really like?

Ask Rivka the gossip.  She’ll happily tell you, even if she doesn’t know.

Poor Zechariah! 

Fifty years old, his wife is expecting, and a pregnant teenager has moved in.  How does he get a word in edgewise?  He doesn’t.  That’s what you get for arguing with an angel.

Now what?

What would a childless old priest do if an angel promised him a baby?  How would a girl react to a humiliating role in history’s greatest miracle?  What was the world really like then?  How could such a story possibly be true?

Jesus’ birth and childhood, as told in four chapters of the Bible, reads like a fairy tale.  Mary in Transit fits it into recorded history, using fiction as glue.  Take a few ordinary donkeys and brothers.   Toss in some real tyrants and invented thieves.  Let uninvited angels stir it up, and get ready for excitement!

Published by Oaktara

Available from OakTara, Amazon, B&N, CBD, or the Author 


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