Posted by: Don Bemis | September 7, 2012

Beware the grouch!

Remember those pollsters I told never to call again? Never must be over. They called a few days ago and got the same answer. I filed a complaint afterward, in hopes that it will be a violation since I had told them not to call, and on the grounds that a “survey” that targets selected subjects so diligently should not be considered a legitimate survey.

That isn’t all. Any junk mailer sending me a postage-guaranteed return envelope gets it right back, stuffed with the ripped-up remnants of everything else they sent. The more junk they send me, the more I enjoy stuffing the envelope. After all, the Post Office can use their money. One outfit actually sent me a letter after a few such episodes, asking if I wanted to be removed from their mailing list. That one I didn’t tear up before returning. They haven’t bothered me since.

Grouchy geezerhood can be dangerously appealing. I’d better watch myself.



  1. Don……… I have done the “return to sender” trick hundreds of times before but with a slight twist… I send them other offers and junk mail from other senders!…. They have to pay for the postage and I did not have to shred a few piles of worthless offerings………
    I had a great visit with your brother Tom back in mid July,,,,, He sure knows his stuff, especially about the Carlsbad Army Air Field!
    Our Carlsbad Army Air Field Wall Facebook page is now up to 73 daily readers!…….WahoooOOOO!….When I went to Carlsbad in July we had only 49 readers, so I am stoked about the growth spurt!
    Hoping all is well with you and yours….
    Getting close to retireing here and moving back to Carlsbad may be a strong possibility!
    Take care my friend!
    Bobby Silliman


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