Posted by: Don Bemis | November 6, 2011

Welcome to Mailpie!

“Dead Aggies Don’t Drive Trains” is on Kindle now. I just looked.

The print version should be along shortly. It looks like there will be at least two editions: one print-on-demand via Amazon, and another locally printed set, so I can sign them.   I’m thinking about a large print version, too.  The story is about people who used to be middle aged, so maybe I can capture a bigger audience.

The local print shop does a nice job on posters, brochures, business cards, etc.. I stopped in on the spur of the moment a few weeks ago:

“You don’t print books, do you?”

“Sometimes. Do you want to see one?”

It looked fine. They quoted me a price, and I was no longer trolling the Internet looking for publishing houses.

I hate marketing.  Who do I think would be target audiences?

  • Aggies, from any state that has Aggies.
  • Train nuts.
  • Whodunit fans.
  • Old band members.
  • Present and future geezers, codgers, coots, curmudgeons, et al.
  • Folks who dream about chucking the job and hiding out in a valley somewhere.
  • People who prefer a book they can leave around the house without fear that a kid will pick it up and ask, “Mommy/Daddy/Grandma/Gramps, what’s … mean?” just before the owner drops his or her teeth.
  • Southern New Mexicans, because finally somebody wrote something about them.  I tried to paint the scene without stereotyping the people.  They are not all the same in dialect or background.   New Mexico, though, is very different culturally from Michigan, where we live now.  Maybe someday I’ll expand on the differences Lois and I have seen between here and there.

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